It could be the holiday spirit or the Starbucks Christmas blend. It might be the voicemail I just recieved about a health coaching position in San Diego. It could be the awesome Danielle LaPorte webcast I watched this morning. Or maybe its the Vitamin D-Fish Oil-5HTP formula I’ve been gulping down all week. Hello, Seratonin. I’ve missed you dear old friend.

I’m not really sure what it is. It could be the combo of all of the above. But I’m feeling good. I’ve had a shift in perception and am just feeling, well…better than I have been. According to “reality” I shouldn’t be feeling this way. I’m still not working. I’m still lonely with little to no social life. I’m learning entirely too much about my parents lives. I still live on the wrong side of the country. I’m brokebrokebroke and had to accept an early Christmas present in the form of a car payment.  I was feeling like such a loser and the negative self-talk going on inside of me isn’t something I would ever say out loud. But for some reason the other day, I kinda just decided to stop it. Because the truth is that I’m not a loser. My ego wants me to think so but most of the time my ego is simply full of shit. I’m actually incredibly lucky to have the support I do while I get through this lag-time. I’m way too hard on myself when it comes to periods of perceived non-productivity. But the truth is that its a pretty natural part of life. The ebb and flow. The up and down. The push and pull. Do you know the Metabolic Effect? I freaking love these guys. They know what they’re talking about when it comes to health and they recommend a model of exercise that says: push until you can’t, rest until you can. Meaning you push as hard as you can for as long as you can doing a certain exercise. Maybe its 10 reps, maybe its 10 seconds, maybe its 10 minutes. It really just depends on your ability and where you are in the process. When you can’t push anymore, you rest. You rest until you are ready to push again. I like applying this to exercising but I think it applies to the bigger picture, too. We can’t always be pushing. We run out of gas. We have to rest, too. And the resting is just as important as the rest of it. It might even be more important. Because when we are resting, we get to the good stuff.We get to the real nitty gritty truth of it all.  Why we don’t/can’t/won’t push anymore. Why we’re tired. Why we started to push in the first place.Why we are really doing the things that we are (or aren’t) doing. And its okay. Because those moments of rest…that is what makes us stronger. We can push and push and push until our muscles don’t work anymore. But when we give them a rest? That is when they get stronger. That is when they rebuild and replenish and get ready for more.

Push. Rest. Push some more. That is how it works. And its all okay.