Why were you in my dream?

I didn’t say it was ok. I don’t remember sending you an invitation. In fact, we haven’t spoken in months…on purpose. Everything in my awake world tries to keep you out of my mind. It isn’t fair. Like an invasion of privacy. Like you and my own subconscious teamed up to betray me. Usually I would like to see someone like you in a dream. But not this time. It felt as awkward asleep as I imagine it would be awake. I don’t know exactly when or how it all happened. I really don’t know much but I know that I’m not ready to see you. Even when my eyes are closed.

You must have much better things to do, so why mess with my dreams. Is it really that easy for you? And if you can so easily creep into my dreams, what other parts of my mind are you silently invading? When else are you going to show up unannounced and uninvited? There was a time when it was okay, but that time is over. Don’t you remember when I wanted you in my life? You had permission to be all over my mind anytime you wanted. But you didn’t want to be there then. You told me no. You said you didn’t think of me like that and I shouldn’t be thinking of you like that, either. I’ve done my part and now I politely ask that you do the same.

Please, stay out of my dreams, since I was certainly never a part of yours.