yeah, pumpkin costume was pretty fun.

I’ve never really been too much into Halloween. Once or twice I’ve really liked my costume, but most of the time I dread coming up with something or spending money on a cheap outfit that I can only wear for a few hours. This year I’m even less into it. Its Thursday. I have to work. I don’t have a costume. Wahhh. Have I been whining a lot lately? Sorry.

I don’t even want a costume. Can I just be myself? I appreciate the whole “pretend to be something else for a night” thing, but I really just don’t want to right now. I spent more than a year trying to get back to a place where I finally feel like myself, and now I’m supposed to want to be someone else? Sorry, Halloween…I’ve worked too hard to get here.

So, I’m just going to sit this year out. You can tell me to lighten up and stop taking myself so seriously. I can tell you to stop telling me what to do and how to feel. I won’t have to wear a costume and all our lives will continue on. Don’t worry, there’s always next year.

Happy Halloween.