Its like a bad relationship that lasted way too long. It started out great. It was fun and innocent. Then we started spending too much time with each other. It was like an addiction. Like nothing existed without you. Time passed. We grew together. More time passed. You changed without asking. I changed, too.  You took away time and focus from more important things. You made me feel bad about myself. Made me jealous. Made me believe things that weren’t even true. Think about things that weren’t even really happening. We took a break once or twice before but I always came back. I tried to justify all the bad things with the not-so-bad things. Nothing seemed real anymore. I want you to be something that you are not. The way you used to be. But we can never go back. So this time it might be different. Sorry, facebook – I think I’m done.

I’m over the manipulation it allows in our lives and realities. Assumptions we make based on what people allow us to see. Think things that are simply not true. I’m talking about the 26-year-old divorcee whose wedding photos mysteriously disappeared. The “friends” I haven’t talked to in years or would avoid at a bar or had to block from my newsfeed. Wow, that couple must be so happy. So-and-so is doing so great! Those posts are so positive – that person has such a perfect life! I’m guilty, too. An outsider looking at my profile would probably think I have it all together. So its time for a little less facebook and a little more real life. I am not my fucking facebook.

I’m not sure I’m done forever, but I’m definitely done for a while. I don’t like how facebook makes me feel, and I have way too much to figure out right now without having to deal with something I can choose to remove.

Bye-bye for now facebook, its been real…not.