It is almost the day. It is my second to last day in the United States, and I am hanging out in my last stop in Brooklyn at my sister’s place. I washed her dishes, walked down the street for some coffee, did her laundry. I ate some cereal, took a shower, painted my nails and watched reruns of Beverly Hills, 90210. That might seem like a pretty lame and mundane second-to-last day but I enjoyed pretty much every bit of it. It was simple. Everything went the way I wanted it to. It was easy. I liked it so much because with the exception of the last few weeks, the last several months of my life were not really that way. I didn’t like them. They weren’t simple. And not much went the way I thought it would. I got through it all though, and am finally to the day that I have been waiting for. I finally leave for Thailand tomorrow, but didn’t get here without some very special help over the last few months. I owe some serious gratitude to a lot of people in my life. As far as I’m concerned, it is the little things that count. These things might not seem important to an outsider but they all helped me get back to a better place. I don’t know if you will ever know how much it means to me, but thank you for:

Pretending to understand when I know you don’t. Supporting me. Keeping your mouth shut when you really want to tell me I’m insane. Laying with me on the floor of my empty apartment and holding my hand. Not yelling at me when I know you wanted to. Just sitting with me, not saying a thing when I needed to cry through my broken heart at the beach. Picking up my work slack. Calling me back when I really didn’t think you would. Being more excited about my decisions than I was. Telling me that you loved me once and that I will always have a place in your heart. Describing my life as “the best.” Admitting to me that your perfect relationship isn’t always perfect.  Trying to still be my friend until I was able to realize and accept that I ruined our friendship. Letting me know you think I am too good for that boy who has never loved me back. Buying my bed. Giving me a couch to sleep on and letting me overstay my welcome. Asking me how my moving sale went. Knowing that I would never give away my sweater boots, yoga pants, or leather jacket. Drinking with me all day and all night when I couldn’t deal with reality. Giving me travel pep talks. Loaning me your parents for a night. Making my last days in San Diego so fun. Jumping around to Whitney Houston. Hanging out with me at The Tilted Stick, even though I know you hate it there. Texting me during Like a Prayer to let me know it reminded you of me. Forgiving me for pointing out your mistakes. Giving me a $100 bill when you knew I needed it but would never ask. 
But most importantly, thank you for all the reminders that I am so blessed to live and love this life, and to have you all be a part of it.