Four months of 2012 already gone holy shit. So much has happened but it feels like just yesterday I made the decision to come to Thailand. If you’ve been keeping up with me you might remember mention of my sister’s friend Cesar and his “1 second everydayproject. I started doing it in January after hearing about it and becoming completely obsessed with my iPod touch. I started recording things but only when they seemed “worthy.” I decided that I wanted to do it everyday for a lot of the same reasons Cesar mentions for thinking of the idea in the first place. I want to document my life better, and remember more things, and make sure that I am actually living each day by paying attention and doing lots of cool shit that is worth remembering. With my traveling it seemed like the perfect time to start. Knowing that I’m going to have to film something everyday gives me a reason to (try to) stay creative and keep things interesting. It is also a reminder that life really is made up of all the little things. The longer I do it, the easier and more rewarding it becomes. Just a one second clip does more than you would ever think it could. Actually seeing the moment puts me right back where I was when it happened. How I felt. Who I was with. It brings me to the people and places I love. And miss. It reminds me of the simple things. And the amazing things.

So a third of the way through the year, here is a preview of what I hope the rest of 2012 has to offer. Thanks to everyone who made a cameo…uhh…the media release is coming in the mail. The beginning dates are spotty until I totally committed to the project. The quality isn’t as good as I would like but I just don’t know how to make it better yet. And I am really annoying and need to work on turning my iPod so it works like an actual camera but for now we are all just gonna have to deal. I suggest watching it fullscreen HD from YouTube but its also here if you like to watch teeny tiny things.