OK, OK. I feel kind of bad about scaring everyone with my “i hate Thailand” post title. If you read the post, you know that wasn’t what it was about. But even so, I’m sorry for putting that vibe out into the universe. The truth is, Thailand is pretty freaking sweet. Today I had a thought to back up its sweetness. I was riding my bike,  in the rain, listening to my iPod, singing out loud. This is something I would neverrrr do back home, but I do it all the time here. Why? I really don’t care what anyone thinks about me here. I’m sure lots of people who know me think that I usually feel that way anyways – but its a different thing here. Nobody really knows who I am. Where I’m from. What I’m doing or why. There’s no long history or complicated relationships. There’s no obligation to do or say anything for somebody else. There’s really not much sense that I need to impress anyone. Its just me being me and it is a freedom I haven’t felt in a very long time. My favorite expression of this feeling is definitely my American Idol audition bike rides. Most people either look at me funny or smile/laugh…which is what they usually do anyways here when a blonde white girl comes around. So I think I’ll just keep singing 🙂