I’ve been asking myself something all week.


As in:

Why is it so effing cold?
Why am I still here?
Why do people stay in jobs they hate?

And most importantly:

Why did I just buy the new Justin Beiber acoustic album?

I’ll address these one by one.

Why is it so effing cold?
I’m probably being dramatic because I’m cold right now…but there isn’t anything I can think of that I hate more than being cold. Cold feet, cold hands, cold nose, cold face. Cold car, cold wind, cold chair. Just when you think its warm, cold draft coming from some mystery location. Cold everything to keep the snow and the clouds cold. ASLDFJALSKDJF.  I don’t remember hating winter this much before I moved to California. Its possible that I didn’t hate winter this much but it would only be because I didn’t know. Its like a kid that needs glasses but doesn’t know because that is just how everything looks to him. Then when he gets glasses its a whole new world and he finally knows how it should be. That is how I was when I moved away from winter. People don’t understand. They don’t understand how affected I am or even how affected they are because they don’t know either. They say they don’t mind winter but all they do is complain about the weather and whine that they can’t wait until summer. I’m drained as it is and having to listen to it all is downright exhausting. I get that not everyone can just pick up and leave. I also understand that some people are on a path that will never lead them off of Cape Cod. But life is better for everyone if we accept the things we cannot change, people! I decided to stay, its fucking cold, I hate it. I can’t change it so I eat supplements like candy to keep my mood as up as possible and I keep my mouth shut about it all. If I can survive the next few months of winter, it is possible that I can survive anything. In the meantime, please don’t be offended when I ignore an invitation to bitch about the cold weather.

If the temperature is less than your age,
you should get to stay in bed all day. 

Why am I still here?
I’m still trying to find the reasons why my inner guide told me to stay. I know there is a reason because I know I belong somewhere else. I’m getting into a routine and am resisting being here less. I’ve also been having the most intense déjà vu recently. One was an interaction with my father. Another was when I was writing out my ebook. Pretty freaky. I might not know what it is until a long time from now but my best guesses have to do with:
1. putting the final nail in the coffin of my youth-development career (spending your Friday nights with sixty teenagers at “teen night,” yup that will do it)
2. getting a major push into my health career
3. meeting my future husband (hey, you never know)
I’ll take any of those but as we know things are almost never what they seem. Even if they aren’t the real reason, I guess they are all worth sticking around for, right?

Why do people stay in jobs they hate?
Another question: is there an organization anywhere in this world where everyone there actually enjoys their job and what they do? Why is it so incredibly hard to find? Even worse, they will say they like their jobs when you ask them, but all they do is complain about it! I really don’t get it. I just don’t. I’m pretty good at not letting other people affect me but good lord – it is exhausting to do so. And I don’t even work full-time! I know dealing with people like this is an unavoidable part of life. But I see no reason why I should easily accept them as the norm. The bottom line is that I don’t want people like that around me. I know that there are happy, motivated, positive people out there. THOSE are the people I want surrounding me. Please do the world a favor and make a plan to quit your job if you hate it. And not a fake plan. A real, true, non-negotiable plan.

Why did I just buy the Justin Beiber acoustic album?
Um, because it’s AMAZING. I’ve never been a huge fan of his but he won me over with this one. I can’t even remember the last time I bought a whole album. It was only $7.99 but still. As far as talent goes this kid is the next Justin Timberlake. I am telling you.

Alright. That ends the question and answer session I had to get off my chest. I’m obsessive about getting my websites launched so have been ignoring this blog big time. I’m doing all the design and development (read: nerdy, headache-inducing html and code) which is more time consuming than I thought it would be. I am determined to do it on my own for now. I am loving my personal coaching site so far but the other one isn’t coming along so well. It is a practice in patience. It is easy to forget how hard it is to learn something new. I’m keeping the faith that I’ll get through it. If not, my laptop will end up going out the window and this will be my last post.

I hope that won’t happen, but if so…well, it’s been nice writing to you 😉