I had an ephiphany of sorts on my way to work. l’m a pretty laid back go with the flow type of gal. I don’t really consider myself to be a control freak by any means. This morning though, I had a thought that my love life is so frustrating because it seems to be a part of my life that I just don’t have control of. In any other part of my life, I feel fully responsible for how things are going. If my finances are out of whack, its because I spent too much at Target. If my body isn’t up to par, its because I went to the tilted stick instead of zumba. If I am unhappy in my job, it is because I am too scared to take the leap to start my own business. I can directly trace my choices and actions about these things to the results I get. But when it comes to my love life, there is some sort of disconnect.  I can be open and willing, loving, clear about what I want, friendly, socialable, flirty and never say no to an invitation. But still don’t meet Mr. Right.  Or even Mr. Right now. I can be honest with others and really put myself out there, but I dont have any say in how they feel about me. I don’t feel like other people are doing any more than I am and they are finding partners left and right. There must be something I am missing and I can’t help but feel that it is something that I am doing.  And before you even think of suggesting it, I just cannot bring myself to try internet dating. Seriously, how did people meet before the internet?
Are those of us that are still single in the days of facebook just doomed forever?  I am definitely feeling a little cynical due to recent events but just feel like there is something I am missing. What more can I do? Is it really just a matter of timing? GAHH.