Decision has been made. I’m moving back to San Diego.

I like to eat a lot of spinach. Mostly baby spinach. I juice it, put in sandwiches, eat it with my eggs, add it to salads, and blend it into my smoothies. It is a staple in my diet. I’m not one of those crazy only-eat-organic types of people but there are a few foods that I will actually only eat if they are organic. Spinach is one of them. I can compromise on almost any other type of produce, but I will not budge when it comes to baby spinach. Call me what you will, that’s just how I roll. So, why am I telling you this?

I went to a major (possibly the largest) grocery store in town to get a small list of things. #1 on that list was spinach. I walked through the produce section and couldn’t find any organic. I was kind of hurrying so I just made my way through the store picking up the other couple of items I needed to get. After I found everything, I headed back over to the produce section to look again for the spinach. There was none to be found. I’ve been a bit deflated lately anyways, so this was irrationally devastating to me. I looked at the dirty, poisonous spinach the store was offering. Overly dramatic thoughts ran through my head. I want to yell at someone. I’m writing a letter to this store. I should’ve known this would happen. Ughhhh. Should I put my other stuff back? I’ll just buy what I have. I’m never coming to this store again! Should I just go somewhere else? But I have to pee. I’m low on gas in my car. Should I just eat the dirty spinach?

It went on. I’m not really sure how long I was standing there. It was long enough to gather a few what-the-hell-is-that-lady-doing stares from the workers in the deli. I’m sure they thought I was crazy. And I was. My final thought?

Alright, I guess I’m moving back to San Diego now. 

I shrugged my shoulders and walked away to checkout my other items. I would buy them and move back to San Diego. I picked a date while I walked out to my car. January 2nd, 2013. Maybe sooner. I’ll work my shitty job until then.Take whatever money I have. It won’t be enough. I don’t care anymore. I’ll ask for help. I’ll cash out my retirement fund. I’ll sell more stuff. Trade in my car. Whatever I need to do. Sorry Massachusetts, its over. You make everything I want to do so much harder for me and I’m not taking it anymore. I’m crawling back to San Diego – I know she’ll take me back. It might be tough at first but even the tough times with San Diego have organic spinach.

A few hours later my phone rang. Caller ID listed “California San Diego Area.” An organization that I’ve been interested in working with for a long time was calling for an interview. I guess its true – once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.