I started my solo cross country road trip last Monday. Right now I’m in Coloradostaying with a good friend from college. The plan was to leave here on Friday and head to Omaha, but a big snowstorm got me stuck here a couple extra days. We were out at the bar last night and my friend got a text from one of our mutual friends, who I coincidentally used to have a thing with. The text was just about the snowstorm, but we ended up calling him since neither of us had talked to him in a while. I got to talk to my old more-than-a-friend for a few minutes. He asked that I call him to catch up and meet when I get back into town. I’m always happy to hear his voice and excited at the thought of seeing him, but didn’t think much of it at the time.
Later on I was telling my friend about a video project I’m trying where I film parts of each day, and then just pick one second from eachday and put them together to make a long montage of my year. I told him how the second from the day before was me filming the weather forecast. Even though it seemed like a silly thing to film, it was a pretty significant part of the day. It showed why I had to stay in Winter Park for at least a few days, and the danger I avoided by not sticking to my driving schedule. Then we got to talking about how in reality, it was a major decision that had a major impact on my life and will result in a bunch of other things happening. That I wouldn’t be out right now, having the conversations, meeting the people of the night. That I will have a completely different experience when I get to Omaha. And then Chicago. That I would have missed talking to the old special friend that we called that night. Um…whoa. We had definitely been drinking so it was kind of one of those conversations, but it really kind of freaked me out and got me thinking about these things, especially about this guy that was suddenly back in the picture.
I’m not sure if this is a crazy overreaction. To think that for some reason bigger than anyone I was here during this storm to get stuck here and reconnect with someone I thought was pretty much out of my life. How even the smallest, seemingly insignificant decision can change the course of your life forever. How everything that happens after that one choice – the people you meet, what you do and say, every single moment – is completely different than if you made another decision? Maybe I’m being overdramatic. But its cool to think that our choices might be more powerful than we think, regardless of how small and insignificant we think they may be.