I’ve been thinking/planning to start a lifestyle blog for a really long time (like, embarrassingly long) and the buzz around this story has pushed me over the edge and I must finally spill my feelings to be shared with the internet world!!!! I never thought my first blog would be like this, but I guess since I’ve been thinking about this for more than a year I should probably just post something for f’s sake.

I am no doubt biased when it comes to weight loss and the things it can do to a person, but some of the reader comments I’ve read about Jennifer Hudson’s recent statement about her weight loss are kind of blowing my mind. She is getting some serious shizz for saying that she is more proud of her weight loss than she is of her Oscar. I really have little opinion when it comes to Jennifer Hudson’s talent/celeb status. If you pressured me I might say I couldn’t stand her in SATC 2. All that aside for now.

She is a spokesperson for Weight Watchers – seriously keep this in mind people, she’s obvi being PAID to talk up her weight loss and dress size – but who knows how she really lost the weight. Weight Watchers, eating clean, personal chef, personal trainer, all the above I don’t really care. This girl lost 80 freaking pounds and is keeping it off(umm…hey Oprah). I don’t know her, but I know weight loss and I know how it can make someone feel. I have no idea how Jennifer Hudson feels about her singing/acting/talent and I have no idea how she felt about her “plus-size” weight. If she is more proud of her weight loss than her Oscar who cares…I’m pretty sure pride is a pretty personal issue. I would make big bets that a person who has a problem with her statement is probably:

-someone who has never had problems/struggles with that kind of weight loss

-someone who has tried to lose that kind of weight and failed
Because anyone that has made serious lifestyle changes and goals to improve their life or themselves, stuck with it and succeeded knows that there is absolutely nothing more satisfying, gratifying or empowering than the feeling that gives you.
Ok, now that I got that out I think this is the perfect first post.