I’m becoming obsessed with the Tropical MBA guys and their podcast. I’ve listened to 10 Unexpected Benefites of Quitting your Job at least 3 days in a row. I’m not so sure about the “unexpected” part since I’ve quit a job before, but my favorite item on the list is

#3. If retiring is worth doing, you should do it immediately.

I love when somebody tells me exactly what I want to hear (even if they said it a year ago. and weren’t really even talking to me. whatev.) “Retirement” in the sense of leaving a “career” or life as an employee. Does the old school definition of retirement even exist anymore? No pensions, dwindling social security, losing half of your retirement savings and investments during the recession. The guys suggest testing out the retirement scenario you dream of and THEN decide if its worth trading a life of career misery for. Genius. Oh, and don’t forget that you could get hit by a bus tomorrow and miss your retirement completely.

I didn’t have much doubt before hearing this but the perspective fully supports my move. The day I locked myself into Thailand I started a countdown on my calendar for the number of working days I have left. FYI – we’re at 37. I am underemployed, underpaid, underchallenged, bored, pretty much any word that has ever been used to describe a person that is unsatisfied with their job. I especially dislike:
  • a 40-mile commute with $4/gallon gas
  • a 45 minute commute for a workday that starts at 8am and ends at 6pm
  • sitting on my ass during the commute, then again most of the day, then again on the drive home. I’m actually trying to reduce the size of my ass and this really doesn’t help in any way.
  • earning $13.50 an hour after four years of working…with a college degree
  • anything about Escondido. Seriously, I will go out of my way to never come here for the rest of my life. Unless I’m driving through on my way to Vegas. Or drinking beers at Stone.
  • Knowing every single thing that was posted to facebook today and everyday because I am so. f-ing. bored.
I don’t even want to know how much time I have wasted in my last 4 years of employment. Who is the sadist that decided 8 hours/day, 40 hours/week is the right amount of time to complete all my work or get the job done? That person sucks. Never have I ever had a job that kept me busy or productive the entire time. Based on that alone, I definitely don’t think I should be locked into a 9 to 5er and the man certainly isn’t paying me enough to work straight through save a lunch hour. It just doesn’t make sense and I’m getting heated just writing about it ughhh. The worst part is, in my unemployed/part-working days I absolutely loved my free time and thought that it was amazing to set my own schedule. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that the rest of the world wasn’t doing the same thing. Yeah, there have been some major benefits from all the jobs I’ve had, but I sacrificed an incredible amount of my time in exchange for money. And then I spent that money on the same things, over and over again month after month expecting to get a different result (pretty sure Big Al would call that insanity). I did things I didn’t want to do, spent time in places I didn’t want to be, that didn’t grow me as a person or contribute to my bottom line. I’m broke-er and lost-er than I was 4 years ago. Where the hell would I be if I realized this information then? Or 3 years ago? Even just 10 MONTHS ago. I dislike the word “should” but can’t help feeling like I should’ve know it all before I started. Or that I did know and am pissed at myself for taking this long to do something about it. Hindsight you 20/20 mother f-er. I’ll take full responsibility for it since I’m doing something about it now but ohmygahhd is it hard.

Is this a crazy concept of retirement? Am I being to hard on myself? How do you get through hard days and keep things in perspective?