I had a sale at my apartment on Saturday to get rid of all my stuff before my move and make some cash money. It took me foreverrr to get ready for. Having a moving sale is a lot of work and only lasted 4 hours. There was a bunch of stuff that I didn’t sell because I wasn’t ready to lower the price. I’m not leaving my place until sometime in January anyways, so wasn’t really up for going crazy low on price. Unfortunately, this has left me with so much shit! I sold $300 worth of crap (most of which was $1!) but if you didn’t know I just had a big sale you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell. My apartment still looks fully lived in a full of STUFF. ugh. I don’t want stuff anymore. I want “stuff” to be what other people have. I want to be light and free. No stuff. People tell me I “need” things but I was 100% prepared to live with just a bed, a few outfits and pots and pans for the next 6 weeks. Unfortunately it didn’t quite go as planned. It never does. Now I have to figure out a way to convince other people that they want to buy my stuff. So…hmm, do you wanna buy my stuff?? I think I used the word stuff too much, its lost all meaning.