This morning I walked over to this picnic-like area where a bunch of people were gathered. There were tents set up and rows of picnic tables. Some people were sitting. Some were standing around. I had this weird sense that my friend Kris from San Diego was there, but I never actually saw him. It would have been nice though because I haven’t seen him since before Christmas of last year and I could really use a someone-who-knows-you hug. Anyways, I walked over to what seemed like a display table of some sort. There was this big model of a neighborhood or something, made out of monopoly-looking houses. They were all white but their roofs had different colors- red, blue, green. I didn’t really get it, so I just kept moseying on through. I looked down and saw two pairs of my sunglasses on the ground. What the hell? Did they fall out of my bag or something? Whatevs. I picked them up with one hand and realized that I was already wearing a pair on my face. I looked at the two pairs in my hand and felt like an idiot. I needed to sit down. I saw some other white people – sweet! – sitting at a table nearby. They looked familiar so I went over to ask them what was going on.
“They’re giving those houses away,” they said.
Giving them away? Where?” I asked.
“So I have to go to Amsterdam to get one?” I tried to confirm.
I got up and started walking away to leave. I wanted a free house and I would love to go to Amsterdam…but I can’t go to Amsterdam right now. On my way out I ran into one of my best friends from college – Footie! I gave her a poke on the arm and she gave me a playful push back. We both smiled and I walked out of the tent. I turned the corner and saw someone I thought was my old friend Justine, but I couldn’t see her face. She was skinny and taller than I remember. “You’re so skinny! You look great.” She just turned and walked away. Hmm. I walked a little further and came up on a wooden staircase. It kind of reminded me of the stairs that are behind my Dad’s garage. Outside and weathered. They were old, but looked sturdy. There were three flights of stairs, but a really low, black ominous funnel-y spinning cloud was at the top of the first flight. It was stormy and lightning in the cloud. I’m a crazy person so I walked up the first flight into the cloud. I still had my sunglasses on, and it was so dark in the cloud that I couldn’t see anything at all. I was still climbing the stairs but I couldn’t see the steps. I could feel my arms and legs being zapped by the lightning, but it wasn’t hurting me.

And then I woke up. Huh?? Its one of those dreams where you wake up and look around your room genuinely confused about what just happened. It was so vivid and real and I could remember almost every detail.

Have you ever seen that “Celebrity Nightmares: Decoded” show? I’d never even heard of it until I came to Thailand. It was playing on some channel one night while I was staying in Krabi and getting ready to go out. “Celebrities” like Lisa from Saved by the Bell and Peter from The Brady Bunch and his wife from Next Top Model and someone else from a Disney band sit in a chair and tell this all-knowing dream lady about the recurring dreams they’re having. There is an awesome dramatization playing while they tell their dream, and then the lady gives them an explanation of all the symbols and what it all means. Then the “celebrity” talks into the camera about how amazed they are and that they have peace now and sometimes they cry. I’m not really a dreams-are-symbols kind of girl, but sometimes dreams are just too weird to not mean something. The last time I had a recurring dream was a year-ish ago and it involved me searching everywhere for a mirror. When I found a mirror, I would look in it and my right eye would be bleeding. Ew, right? I was having it almost every night and it was so vivid that I had to look into a possible meaning. After consulting my personal dream psychoanalyst I discovered injured eyes are a symbol of avoidance of intimacy and internal conflict/unrest that needs to be resolved blah blah blah. Did I mention this dream took place when I was struggling to commit to a guy and to actually let him call me his girlfriend? Seriously.

So what does this creepy monopoly houses, sunglasses, stairs, spinning black lightning cloud dream actually mean? I’m trying to waste some time here and its just too good so lets ask Dream Moods.

Houses: A new house in your dream indicates that you are entering into a new phase or new area in your life.You are becoming more emotionally mature. If you are locked out of the house (um hello…I can’t go to Amsterdam!), then it represents rejection and insecurity (sad face.). You feel you are being left behind. Perfect houses could mean you are ready to settle down into a more stable situation. (Stable? Yes, please.) 

Sunglasses: To dream that you are wearing sunglasses indicates your poor perception of some issue and you tend to be pessimistic and see the dark or negative side of things (yah, tell me about it). Perhaps you don’t want to see or be seen. Other possible meanings and an attempt to project a certain image, shading or protecting yourself from something, trying to control or affect your perception of situations, events, or people, distancing yourself from people, relationships, or social interactions, feeling private, like you want to hide yourself or your feelings, or like you don’t want to be bothered by others. Feeling insecure. (Hmm…well yes, yes, yes, and yes. Now I know why there were three freaking pairs…) 

Stairs: Walking up a flight of stairs indicates that you are achieving a higher level of understanding and making progress into your spiritual, emotional or material journey. Stairs are also analogous to material and thoughts coming to the surface. (I certainly hope so.)

Stormy/Scary Black Cloud: Indicates sudden unexpected changes occurring in your life. You may be experiencing some destructive and powerful emotions. Being in a storm suggests that mental and emotional forces are building up inside and making themselves known (uninvited, how rude). You may be literally consumed by your emotions. To see a storm signifies some overwhelming struggle, shock, loss or catastrophe in your waking life and represents unexpressed fears or emotions (well that doesn’t sound good). On a more positive note, can symbolize your rising spirituality. It may signal rapid changes ahead for you. (I can definitely deal with that positive note, change is good and much needed, please and thank you.)

Lightning: to see lightning in your dream signifies sudden awareness, insight, spiritual revelation, truth and purification. Lightning can also imply a shocking turn of events. There are many forces governing your life that may be beyond your control. To dream that you are struck symbolizes irreversible changes occurring in your life. You are undergoing a permanent transformation.  (I hope its a good one.)

So there you have it – my Celebrity Nightmare Decoded. I still don’t know what the dream means exactly but based on my current situation I’d have to say all those symbols make some sense. And I’m no omniscient dream lady but hopefully those lightning zaps are a good thing and I’ll do that whole peaceful/crying into the camera talk reeeeaaal soon.