Let’s talk about how to stand out in a crowded niche or a competitive market.

First, I have to say that I personally believe that no matter what kind of online business you have, or what your coaching nice is, there is no such thing as a market that’s TOO saturated. I go much deeper into that topic here, so make sure you check that out after you watch this video!

Again, I don’t care if you’re a health coach, a dating coach, or if you’re in the most saturated market on the planet.

If you’re called to a particular niche or topic or industry, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t be successful in that niche. But it IS true that some niches are going to be more crowded than others. It may be more difficult or take a little bit more time and patience to start gaining some traction, but it’s 100% possible to do.

I know this because I see people doing it all the time! New coaches and leaders emerge every single day. There’s obviously the OGs that everyone knows that have been around for decades, but there’s also plenty of new people coming into these industries all the time and being very successful.

I know everyone wants a shortcut or magic wand or they want to know what to say or how many times to post on instagram in order to go viral. But the truth is that those things are all just noise if you don’t do a few basic things first. So let’s get into my three top tips on how to stand out in a crowded niche.

Focus on Your People and Go DEEP with them

One thing that you’ll probably hear if you’re watching other videos or doing research on how to stand out in a crowded niche is that you need to “niche down”.

And this is extremely good advice when we’re talking about a crowded market! There’s a time and place when a niche can become less important, but a super saturated market is NOT that time and place.

For now, I’m actually going to assume that you already have a niche and you know why it’s so important. If you don’t know those things or want me to do a video on niching down make sure to let me know below in the comments and I’ll can do a video for you on that.

But if you want to stand out, you need to be pretty specific about your niche so that you can start attracting the right people, AND you also need to be going deep with the people that you do attract. Something that really matters when you’re trying to stand out and build an audience is connection and really connecting with the people that start showing up and making them feel seen.

Your number one priority in the beginning should be to get to know every person that subscribes and follows and DMs you and get to know them really, really well. You need to know who you’re attracting and why. You need to make these people feel really special. Because these people are going to be the foundation of your business. If you’re overly focused on vanity metrics and just want to grow followers and grow your list but you don’t give a shit who those people are, then any success you have is going to be short-lived.

Next, I want you to Adjust Your Expectations.

The reason a lot of people feel like they can’t stand out is because they posted on instagram everyday for a week and they don’t have a million followers yet. So it’s not that they can’t stand out, it’s that they just haven’t been trying long enough or they’re focusing on the wrong things.

Stop thinking that you have to stand out. Stop thinking that you have to go viral. Stop thinking that you need a million followers and a million subscribers.

Start thinking about connecting with one person that you can help, how can you reach one person in your target audience. What could you do to reach that one next person and stand out to THEM.

You don’t need to stand out to the whole entire internet. You just need to stand out to one person at a time and when you start thinking about it like that and stop comparing yourself to people who have more subscribers or followers, or more perceived success, who have probably been doing this a lot longer than you or are working a lot harder behind the scenes. Just shift the mindset a little bit and shift your expectations of how quickly you’re going to grow and rewrite your definition of standing out and it’s going to become so much easier on you. I promise.

Be Yourself

I know this probably sounds a little trite and cliche, but I have to put it here, because it’s honestly something that so many new coaches and creators aren’t doing or they really struggle with! They’re trying so hard to emulate someone else in their industry, or they’ve taken so many courses and consume so much other content, that they’re really not being themselves when they come online.

And i get it. It takes time to find your voice and nail your niche and get your branding and your messaging down. It takes time to get comfortable being yourself on the internet. But if you want to stand out in a crowded niche, you MUST be yourself. If you want to be magnetic, if you want people to notice you, you need to have a certain presence about you that only exists when you’re truly being yourself.

And as more and more people come online and create content and become coaches, and make online courses, this is only going to become more true for most people. When you’re starting from ground zero you really can’t be holding back on the things that make you special.

You can’t be creating content based solely on what other people are doing. You can’t just be making reels that go with the trends hoping that you’ll go viral. You really do need to figure out what makes you different and why people like you over other people and what you have to offer in your space.

Think about your specific story, your journey, your background, things that come easily to you that may not come easily to other people, maybe it’s an opinion that’s a little different from everyone else’s in your space.

And don’t be afraid to be a little bit controversial. Not just for the sake of being controversial, but if you have something to say about a topic then say it! ESPECIALLY if it’s different from what everyone else is saying. If you disagree with something that’s really common in your industry, say it. You can’t stand out if you’re saying the same thing that everyone else is saying, in the same exact way that everyone else is saying it.

One thing that is really going to help you be yourself and find your own voice is to stop consuming so much of other people’s content! You’re just clouding your mind with trends and what other people are doing and losing confidence in your own voice and your own creativity by the minute.

Seriously, stop scrolling!

You have to believe that you have something to offer that other people do not, simply because they are not YOU. You are going to resonate more with certain people at specific times in their life, and when you’re not being yourself you’re missing out on the opportunity to connect with those people who really need you.

But to be honest with you, this part is an inside job. You have to believe that you something to offer. You have to believe that what you have to say matters. You have to believe in yourself and have done the work to show up fully online as yourself. It’s not easy but it something that has to be done.

Be Consistent

If you want to stand out in a crowded niche, you have to just keep showing up.

One of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make is having one foot in and one foot out, while they wait for some sort of result or success. Meaning they don’t commit until they see results, when the reality is the results don’t come until you fully commit.

So stop having one foot in and one foot out. Decide that you are a coach or an entrepreneur or a business owner before you get any results. Stop overthinking it and just create. You have to show up, and just keep showing up.

One thing that you need to understand is that you can’t control when somebody is going to see your content and you can’t control when someone is going to resonate with your message. You can’t control when somebody comes on Instagram or YouTube. All you can control is how often you show up and do the work so that when that person does see you, or even better when they’re looking for you, and when they do hear your message YOU are there for them instead of that other person.

Similar to what I mentioned in the first tip about going deep, online business is all about making connections and growing relationships. The less you show up for your followers or your subscribers or people who are in your target audience and could potentially be finding you on the internet or social media or wherever, the slower that relationship is going to grow. The slower your business and your income is going to grow.

To use a dating analogy, think about trying to meet the love of your life without ever leaving your house or getting on a dating app, or think about how slowly a relationship would grow if you went on a date with someone once or twice a month, vs seeing that person once or twice a week, or if you spent time together every day.

This consistency piece is also really important, because so many suck at this. Truly. If you can just be consistent, I promise you will eventually stand out because so many people are going to quit. That’s not a judgment on those people because this part is really difficult and I know that first hand. But if you can just stay consistent and keep showing up, there’s no way that your people won’t eventually find you.

If you want more on how to stand out in a crowded niche, definitely let me know in the comments or leave me your questions!

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