Everyone is telling you that you need to build your email list, and I am no different. I’m going to assume that you already know why you need a list and you’re starting to build one, but maybe you’re not getting the results you want or people seem to be trickling on very slowly.

The most common way to build an email list is with what we call a lead magnet, or some kind of freebie that people will get in exchange for giving you their email address. So you are offering them a pdf, a workshop, an audio training, a video training, an ebook, a checklist, a template, or what we would call a “content upgrade”. So maybe you have a podcast, and people can opt in to get written transcripts. It totally depends on your niche or your business what this PDF is, but the options are endless, and i’m sure you’ve opted in to someone else’s lead magnet at some point in time. If you haven’t let me know in the comments what planet you’re living on.

And all these options are great, but there’s one little problem and that is:

You could have the best lead magnet on the planet. But if you’re not getting traffic to your website, if it’s not getting in front of people and you’re not asking people to opt in to get the lead magnet, then your list isn’t going to grow!

So let’s get into the five ways to build your email list!

In-Person Workshops

The first is something that might make you think I’m crazy…especially because we’re talking about online business here on this channel.

But if you have zero followers and zero subscribers, then having in-person events is a great way to start to build your email list. There’s a few reasons why this works well.

First, people are honestly craving in person connection at this moment in time, and when people see you in person and get to meet you and talk to you, they’re going to feel much more connected to you and feel like they know you more than if you’re someone they saw online, and that’s really important. It’s a fast track to getting people to know, like and trust you when they see you in person.

Paid Advertising

The next way is going to be a little bit of paid advertising. If you have a little bit of money and you have zero subscribers, you can throw a few bucks a day at a facebook or instagram ad and they will start putting your lead magnet in front of people for you. I know if you’re a beginner you’re likely a little bit intimidated by this option, but it’s really a shortcut to building your list a little faster.

The other options I share are all going to take more time and energy from you, so if you’re looking for speed and want to grow your list faster, and you do have a little money to spend, then experimenting with some paid advertising is really good option.

If you are getting some traction or have a small list and it’s just growing slower than you would like, these next few ideas are going to be ideal for you!


The next way to build your email list faster is to work with people who have a similar audience. You could do a lead magnet swap, or you could host a training or an instagram live together. Anything that allows you to share your value with another person’s audience and vice versa. This works well when someone has a similar size audience that is either the exact person you’re trying to reach, or something a little complimentary.

So maybe you’re a fitness coach, and you collaborate with someone who focuses more on nutrition. Or you both target executive women, but one of you talks about burnout, and the other talks about weight loss. This works really well with someone who has a similar size audience as you. You might not be doing a lead magnet swap with someone who has hundreds of thousands of people on their list, but if there’s people you already know or even someone you may think of as your competition, then you can just reach out to them and see if they’re interested. It could be as simple as:

“Hey so and so…I saw that we’re niche buddies. Love what you’re doing. Let me know if you have any content you’re trying to get in front of more people and I’d love to share it with my audience! If it’s a good fit, i also have such and such lead magnet that could provide some value to your people as well.”

You do want to make sure it’s ACTUALLY a good fit and you do want to make sure that you actually like this person and what they’re doing. As long as it’s sincere, this can work out really well for both parties!


You can also try an Online Challenge. So if you don’t know what i mean when i say online challenge, this is just going to be a few days, 2, 3, 5 days maybe and each day, there’s a different topic you teach on and a challenge or an action step for people to take, and usually a live training component.

Challenges can be really great for building your list because they can help people get a small result right away, and can also get people more familiar with you really fast, especially if there’s a video or live component to a challenge, and give them insight into what it might be like working with you. These can also be a great way to get really high quality leads especially if you’re able to get people to share the challenge by inviting their friends and family to participate with them.

Online Summits

If you’re feeling really ambitious, and want some big results, you can host an Online Summit. Online Summits are last on this list because they are the most complicated and require the most work. These are called summits, series, lots of different marketing terms for them these days, but this is an online event where there’s usually a host, which would be you, and you invite any number of other experts who specialize in your niche to come on for an interview and then you share the interviews and they share the interviews over a certain time frame.

So this is kind of like that lead magnet swap on steroids!

You’ll have 10,15, 20 other people sharing this online event with their lists over 7 days for example, and depending on who you’re able to get to participate, that can be a lot of people. I’ve helped to put on many of these longer online events, and like i mentioned, they are a lot of work but when they’re done right they do have the potential to add a LOT of people to your list and there’s some earning potential there as well since you can bundle the interviews and sell them.

I hope this was helpful and helps you to build your list FAST! Please subscribe to the channel because it really helps other people just like you to find this information, and I’ll see you in the next one.