if you ever want an email list that converts (meaning your subscribers buy from you) whether that’s your coaching, your courses, your digital products, or whatever else you may want to sell, you will never be able to that without one thing:


Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, and the relationship you have with your subscribers is no different! When people trust you, they’re more likely to open your emails, engage with your content, and eventually invest in your products or services. If people don’t trust you, they will never give you their money.

I mean, think about it, would you give your money to someone on the internet that you didn’t trust?

Now there’s a lot that can go into earning someone’s trust on the internet, but in this video I’m going to talk specifically about how to gain the trust of your email subscribers so that when the time comes and you want them to buy something from you, they’re ready to go.

Provide Value

When someone subscribes to your email list, it’s because they see potential in what you are offering. They believe that you, your lead magnet, whatever got them to opt in in the first place, will provide some kind of value to them, that it will help them in some way. So you definitely want to make sure to deliver on that with your lead magnet to really set the tone for your relationship.

This is really your chance to make a really good first impression and show them that you’re the person who they’ve been looking for. That you know what you’re talking about. You’re someone who can help them. You’re someone that can get them results. And then you need to continue to provide value in your emails, and to really do so without the expectation of getting anything in return.

Now obviously, we would eventually like our subscribers to give us money, but if that’s the intention or the feeling behind every email we send, people will be able to feel that. Nobody likes being sold to, especially by someone they don’t trust yet.

This is also the universal law of reciprocity, where if you give something to me, or do something for me, I will feel obligated to reciprocate, and we want that reciprocation to be buying our coaching, our digital products, our courses. There’s no hard or fast rule when it comes to how much value you need to provide, because value is subjective. But it’s a good idea to just focus on giving and just focus on helping people, and that should get you to where you need to be.

A really good sign that you’re doing this right is that people start asking you if there’s a way they can give you money and asking you how they can work with you before you even bring it up. They just really want to support you and give back to you for everything you’ve given them. This will be an email list that converts!

Care About Your Subscribers

This might seem obvious, but you need to actually care about the people on your list!

You need to actually care what problems they’re having, and how they feel about different topics. Encourage your subscribers to reply to your emails, ask questions, and share their thoughts. When they do, take the time to respond personally. You may get to a point where you can’t respond to every single email, but this is something you can definitely do in the beginning.

If you want an email list that converts, show that you value their input and are genuinely interested in their feedback. Respond to their comments and DMs the way you would for a friend. These interactions may seem insignificant, but they really do help to foster a deeper connection and trust. Remember that there are real people on the other end of your email, and just treat them the way you’d like to be treated.

Be a Real Person

People want to know that you’re a real person, and they also want to know that what they’re seeing online is what they would get in real life. People don’t want perfectly curated instagram feeds anymore. They don’t want emails from you telling them something they can google. They want stuff from you that they can’t get ANYWHERE else, and that’s YOU.

Share your journey, and your struggles, and your successes. This makes you relatable and allows people to see that you are human. You can let your quirks and unique or not obvious things about you come through in your content. This helps your audience see the real you and form a genuine connection.

This is going to be even more important if you’re a coach and you have direct experience with the thing you coach on. So if you’re a dating coach, you’ll want to share your own journey, your struggles, your personal experiences that your ideal client or customer can really relate to, and your success will be the results that they desire to have in their own lives and they can almost see themselves in you.

The best examples of this are going to be those people you follow or subscribe to and you’ve never met them in real life, but feel like you know them or just know that if you did meet in real life you would totally hit it off. You can bet that they have an email list that converts.

Show Up Consistently

Showing up consistently and simply doing what you said you were going to do is HUGE when it building an email list that converts. This works the same way online as it does in real life! If you have a friend who flakes on you all the time or says they’ll call you this weekend but never does, you lose trust in them.

When we’re talking about the online space, this has definitely happened to me, and maybe it’s happened to you, but you opt in for someone’s list, or signed up for their lead magnet or freebie, and then they ghost you. Or six months later you get an email from them and you have no clue who they are or why you’re getting their emails and you unsubscribe immediately.

We want to make sure that you don’t do that. We don’t want to ghost our list and we don’t want people wondering who we are or why we’re in their inbox.

What we really want is for someone to LOVE seeing your name in their inbox. We want them to be so excited to get an email from you that they open and read every word of every email you send. You probably have someone you subscribe to and you feel this way about them.

Develop a consistent schedule for sending emails and make sure it’s something that you can commit to. Whether it’s once a week or twice a month, let your subscribers know when to expect your content. If you promise regular updates, make sure to deliver on that promise.

Remember, trust takes time to establish, but it is so important if you want long-term success online. So be patient and consistent and just be you. As you gain more trust, your relationship with your subscribers will strengthen, your community will grow, your online presence will grow, and so will your bank account ?

I hope this was helpful and helps you start building that trust with your list! Please subscribe to the channel because that helps other people just like you to find this video as well, and I’ll see you in the next video.