Ahh. I may have reached the peak of my quarterlife crisis a couple of weeks ago. If it wasn’t a peak, it was most certainly a turning point. I know this because I have had an incredible amount of clarity and motivation ever since. So maybe it was a rock bottom? Either way, if you know me well you know that I am very underemployed and unsatisfied at my job. I had been tossing around the idea of leaving my job at Christmas, maybe moving back east for a while in need of a serious fresh start. The peak/rock bottom came when I called my Dad to get his advice and ended up crying through the entire phone call. Reality check – whatever I do something needs to change. Long story short, this phone call was the beginning of my search to find whats next. I’ve been wanting to do some traveling for a long time so started looking for ways to finance time abroad. Some intense googling/emailing led me to:

Scholarship to volunteer abroad. Applied. Dunno what will happen there winners not announced until Feb 1st. YouPlanet…ehh not a sure thing, kinda too scary for me to do, not really into traveling alone alone. Teach English anywhere in the world and get paid for it. umm…yes please. A good summary of what came of this is some emails sent to my good friend and former roomie Lauren:

From Katey to Lauren on Oct. 12th
Thanks for the updates lady! you party animals I’m so glad you guys had such a good time 🙂 haha Any more talk of moving there? i miss you so much! Hopefully will get to see you at xmas, I think i am going to be in town for a while…I’m about to fall off my mid-life crisis rocker out here haha and am thinking of making some big crazy Shani changes, i.e. selling all my shit and taking a break for a while. Anywho, let’s definitely chat soon I love you!!!!!!! xoxox

From Katey to Lauren on Oct. 19th
I didn’t really tell anyone yet but have to share it before i explode! I am a crazy person and I’m pretty sure I’m moving to Thailand in March for 7months-a year. . I just have to figure out my finances right now and pick a start date…probably end of February/beginning of March. So, depending on the timing/money situation, I might be home Xmas until I leave for Thailand, or will come home for a few weeks before I leave for some drunk unicorn roooooomieeee time. Umm..omg who am I/what am I doing?!

From Katey to Lauren on Oct. 20th
Ok, I told my parents and sis so I no longer feel like exploding – phew. I put down the deposit and am moving to Thailand on March 12th! Seriously, what. I am so excited/scared I can’t even explain. Yes, I am definitley in need of some changes and feel so right that this is it. I’ll be going for a month-long classi n Cambodia to get certified to teach english abroad, then get a teaching job somewhere in Thailand, probably outside Bangkok. I will be looking for a 5-6 month contract so will be there for 6-7 months, but I won’t really know until I get there so….one-way ticket to Thailand time! Who am I?! Anyways, I still have to figure out my finances between now and then. If I can keep it in until then I’m going to try and stay at my current job through January, get a seasonal retail job or something for some extra cash, and sell pretty much everything I own, probably in December. For now, I’m still planning on just coming home for xmas, then in February I will pack up and drive my car back to MA to leave with my parents and have a few weeks/month off to see peeps and spend time with the family before I leave. Whoa baby! I think/hope this is the peak of my crazy person quarterlife crisis haha, i’m really not sure what else is left.

From Lauren to Katey on Oct. 21st
OMG OMG OMG. Katey fucking Shanahan is moving to Thailand. NBD. OR BIG FUCKING DEAL!!!!!!!!!

And there is the reason why she was the first person I told. Is there a better response to that news? Not in my world. So, I think my blog is gonna change a little because my life is about to change a lot. I’ll definitely be using this to keep in touch with family and friends and document my journey to the (hopefully) end of my quarterlife crisis.

ugh, fiiine. i’ll go.

photo: http://www.visitingthailand.com