This article absolutely cracks me up. I also just really love this girl’s writing. I feel like she is someone I would want to hang out with in real life. She has another post titled “Crap, I Didn’t Find Lasting Love in College.” Haha.

Once someone asked me how long I’ve been single and my response was a sincere “since I was born.” With the exception of one or two few-month commitments, long-term crushes and embarrassingly pathetic friends-with-benefits-but-really-I’m-in-love-with-you situations I am most definitely single and no stranger to the awkward dating scene. I find this to be a horrifyingly so funny ’cause its true commentary on facebook and an interesting perspective on how it prevents people from really connecting with each other.

There is really nothing funny about people forgetting(never learning?) how to relate to other people, but we all have to accept that the game has changed. I take full responsibility for the status and condition of my love life but can’t help but take note of everything the author points out. I try to keep my facebook as private and PG as I can but there has to be something about me somewhere on the internet that I wouldn’t want a potential suitor to see. I don’t have anything to hide but I definitely let facebook take away some of my mystery and power when it comes to “dating.” I’ve scoped a non-facebook friend profile, clicked on random girls that comment on my ex’s wall to see if they are prettier than me, stalked a crush to see where they might be, who are they with, HEY WHY HAVENT THEY RESPONDED TO MY TEXT?!?! Yah no, I’m not proud but its true. Why is it so hard? Why can’t I just call them and ask if they want to hang out? I’m a catch if I do say so myself. I also don’t have a huge problem with rejection(or do I?) I don’t know what the answer is here but it makes me have serious love/hate for facebook and the internet in general. All I know is that sometimes I wish my life had less facebook and uncomfortable texting and more phone calls and real dates. Has facebook changed your dating life? Any advice for a facebooking single girl?