Can you feel the love???

I can. I hope you can, too. I’m feeling so very loving this v-day. Self-love, other-people-love, complete-stranger-love, general love for life and the planet. This doesn’t make all that much sense considering there is two feet of snow on the ground and I spent about 40 out of the last 48 hours without power. Blahhhh.

In my world, hell is not hot…it looks like this. 

Nothing like a freezing cold blackout to remind you of what’s really important in the world. I am lucky since my parents have a woodstove that kept us warm and even allowed us to cook if we needed to. Some people didn’t have any heat or running water at all. Just awful. More evidence to back up my case that winter effing sucks.

But, let’s get back to that love I was talking about. I don’t know why but I’m so into Valentine’s day this year. I painted little hearts on my nails and even sent out some valentines. I am all about spreading the love. Keeping this attitude has not been easy with this weather but there is nothing I can do about that. What I can do is focus on things I can control. Danielle LaPorte is one of my idols. I subscribe to her emails and they always seem to go perfectly with what I’m going through. This morning she had a quote that said “power doesn’t come from strong reactions to what happens, it comes from a steady vision of what’s possible.” Damn. Why can’t I come up with stuff like that? Maybe someday I’ll be able to speak so wisely. Really, though…how completely perfect is that quote. I feel like I’ve been doing well at practicing that and it has turned me into this super-focused, crazy productive person. Causing a whole bunch of drama when something happens doesn’t do anything but take away from the time that could be spent pursuing things that are the most important. Instead of cursing the (f-ing) snow, I just deal with it or ignore it as much as possible and keep my eye on what I’m trying to accomplish – my websites up and running, some money in the bank, and a healthy body and mind. I credit myself and my makeshift home office for all my progress, and I’m actually really proud of the things I’ve accomplished even since the beginning of the year…especially since I decided not to set any real goals for 2013. There isn’t anything that can compare to that feeling of accomplishment and I hope everyone gets to experience it once in a while. I still have a whole lot of work to do but my vision just keeps getting stronger and I freaking like it.

“Drama in our lives is the greatest indicator that we’re not focused on meaningful goals. On the path to purpose you don’t have time for drama.” –another idol, Brendon Buchard

So save that drama for your mama, I’m busy kicking ass over here.

home office, 30 page ebook, coaching and blogsite up. booyah!

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3