If you’ve ever been scrolling online and thought, how did the heck did that person grow so fast? How is that person so successful so quickly? Why are they getting such better results than I am?

It’s not because they’re better than you. It’s not because they’re smarter than you. It’s probably not even because they have better content or products or courses (trust me there’s a lot of people out there making lots of money with really not good products and courses but that’s a topic for another article!

How to Grow Online FASTER

With very few exceptions, someone growing really fast online comes down to two things: MINDSET and MONEY.

First I’m gonna talk briefly about money, but this video is really about the mindset piece, which is going to be required to get you to the money part.

So the people you see growing really quickly online or making a lot of money online are very likely spending more money on their business than you are, either with:

  • an ad spend
  • paying other people to spread the word
  • paying for help to create more content and be everywhere all the time
  • paying for coaching and masterminds and networking

And lots of other things they are spending money on that gets them in front of more people FASTER.

For example, I recently heard Alex Hormozi say that him and Leila spend $70,000 a month to pump out the amount of content that they do to grow organically. That’s not an ad spend – they’re still growing organically, but they’re not the ones doing all the work to create and publish and repurpose the amount of content that they do.

And right now you’re probably thinking, well that’s great for them, but I don’t have an extra $70K a month to spend!

So I want to give you a few mindsets I’ve noticed that holds beginners back when it comes to growing online faster and I hope will help you to start getting into the mindset that is required to start getting some faster results.

How You Think About Time

First, you need to look at the way you’re thinking about time.

When I was first starting out many years ago, I used to have files all over the place, some on my desktop, and some in Google Drive, I had a few different dropbox accounts with different email addresses, and had like 10 different flash drives because I didn’t want to pay the $100 dollars a year or whatever it is for a terabyte of space in the cloud.

So instead I would waste a ton of time trying to find what I needed, checking this flash drive nope, not on that one, and once my MacBook died and I lost a ton of stuff, all because I could wrap my mind around spending 10 dollars a month to keep all my stuff in one place.

I cringe thinking about doing that now and how much time and energy I wasted doing that, but back then I simply did not understand the value of my time and how to use money to leverage my time and energy. Instead I was giving up all my time and energy trying to save as much money as I could!

It wouldn’t even be possible for me to quantify the time and energy or just the mental space that was being taken up by having all my files for different clients and different projects in all these different places. It’s well worth the amount of money it costs and the peace of mind I have knowing that everything I need is safe in the cloud, and organized, and easily accessible with one click.

So most people don’t want to “waste” money but have no problem wasting their time. It’s a lot easier to waste time because there isn’t a countdown of our time that we can see the same way we can check the balance in our bank account.

The most successful people know the value of their time, and they’re willing to spend money to get their time back and conserve their energy so they’re able to do the things that really move the needle in their businesses. I have clients at varying levels of success and the ones that have grown the fastest will happily spend money to save time.

And I’m all about bootstrapping and I love saving money and figuring out how to do things for free or for cheap, but there’s some things that are simply worth paying for, because you’re either going to be spending your money or you’re going to be spending your time and your time not only becomes more valuable to you as you get older, but it also becomes more valuable as your business grows and you have more responsibilities and more opportunities.

Adjust Your Expectations

I would say that 99% of the beginners that I have ever spoken to have unrealistic expectations about what it really takes to grow a business and grow an online presences and build an audience.

It’s not really their fault though. This is what we’re constantly seeing online. That anyone can make money online, really fast, and that it’s really easy.

Is it possible to gain 10,000 followers in a week? Sure. Is it likely to happen for most people. No. Do people get engaged on the first date and spend the rest of their lives madly in love. It happens. Is it likely? No it’s not.

Most people are not overnight successes, even if it appears that way, and most people have put a LOT more work into their success than they’d like you to believe because they’re trying to sell you something.

So you need to cement it in your brain that most of what you see on social media and the Internet isn’t real, or not that it isn’t real, it’s not the full truth, you’re not seeing the full picture. So when someone says they made 6 figures in 30 days without an audience or these ridiculous claims that people make, it’s very likely that they spent years preparing for those 30 days or they’re not sharing the whole truth about what it took to get them there.

It’s not about the 30 days, it’s about everything that happened and everything that they did up until that point.

It’s like when you see anything about Warren Buffet’s success like 1 investing tip from Warren Buffet that could make you a Millionaire.

Warren buffet’s success didn’t come from one investment tip. It came from decades of work and slow growth. He’s not a good investor because he’s some freak of nature. He’s simply been investing since he was literally 10 years old, and the majority of his wealth didn’t accumulate until much later in his life.

And of course there are the outliers like Mark Zuckerberg, but those are extremely rare. It’s the exception and not the rule. So really be taking a closer look at these things and start thinking about what the full picture may be when you’re comparing yourself to someone that has completely different circumstances than you do.

It’s also important to remember that someone who is working on their business full time is not going to get the same results as someone who has a full time job, or has kids, for example. Someone who is doing everything themselves is not going to get the same results as someone who is able to pay to farm out some of the work, and hire help, or has money to spend on ads. This is not a level playing field.

You have to have some self-awareness here also. Using myself as an example, I recently started this youtube channel but I also have a full roster of clients and run another business full time. So I can’t have the expectation that my channel will grow at the same pace as someone who is able to publish more often, or even someone in a different, less competitive niche, or someone who already has an audience on another platform for example.

I’m quite literally starting from ground zero. I don’t have an online presence because I’ve built my business strictly by word of mouth and by being really good at what I do so that my clients stick around for years. I have the expectation that it might take me a while to build an audience here on YouTube and that is 100% ok with me because I’m committed to doing it. Monetization and all that is great and I know that it will come, but if I was putting all this pressure on myself to blow up this channel in 3 months or 6 months even, I would probably get really discouraged and give up.

So I need to put that in perspective and adjust the expectations and it’s still not without its challenges, but it creates a much more enjoyable experience focusing on the journey and doing as much as I can based on where I’m currently at, rather than being obsessed with the outcome.

Asking Better Questions to Get Better Results

Tony Robbins has said that the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask, and this is something that I have found to be extremely true, especially when it comes to the questions we’re asking ourselves.

So I am constantly questioning the questions I’m asking myself, and trying to catch when I’m asking questions that are making things worse.

And the goals is to start asking better questions that actually help to solve your problems instead of perpetuating your problems. Going back Warren Buffet as an example, if I’m comparing myself to him and looking at my investments and I’m asking myself “ugh, why did I not start investing when I was 10?”

That is not a helpful question or thought process. It just puts me in this helpless, victim mode.

A better question might be, “what is Warren Buffet doing that I could also start doing?” “What can I do right now, what action can I take right now, to improve my financial situation?”

Better questions will lead to better answers and allow more creative solutions to come.

When we’re talking about growing your business, maybe you think you need more money, when the solution could be something else. Maybe it’s a person you could reach out to and connect with. Maybe it’s someone who wants to learn from you and wants to help you in your business for free.

So try asking different questions and be open to new ideas and new answers.

Pay Attention to Your Own Behavior on the Internet

Think about things that you’ve purchased or opted in for. Start paying attention when something you see stops your scroll or makes you take some kind of action.

Why are you watching? Why are you reading? Why did you like it or save it or maybe even you shared it? Why did you click to go to the website? Why did you buy?

Really start paying attention to these things, because most likely your ideal customer is going to be a lot like you, or maybe the version of you that existed five or ten years ago.

I am constantly paying attention to these things and studying them really because sales and marketing is just as much about human psychology and human behavior as it is about the words, and the tech and the design and the funnel. Start paying really close attention to what’s working on you.

What is grabbing your attention and causing you to take action? Start think about how to start implementing those things or a version of those things in your business, as long as they’re aligned with you. Instead of mindlessly scrolling, do some mindFUL scrolling instead.

Grow Online FASTER by Starting Small

The great news is that you can start really small when it comes to investing in yourself and your business or ramping things up a little bit. There’s nothing that says you have to be spending a ton of money on ads, or hire a full time employee right out the gate.

Even small things like me starting to pay for dropbox way back in the day is pretty small, but it’s a big signal to your brain and even to the universe that you’re ready for more, and that you’re serious about this, and that you can commit with your dollars to make this thing happen.

You can slowly start delegating and hiring people to do little tasks for you on upwork or fiver. You can try out a Facebook ad with a budget as small as you need to. As I’m filming this I believe the minimum on Facebook is $1/day minimum so you have plenty of time to dip your toe in and get warmed up for those bigger investments down the line.

Even just consistently adding one extra piece of content on social media every week or one more email a week can start to move the needle. Just slowly start building on what you already have and these things will start to add up.

So I hope this helps, and remember that a lot of times there’s just little tweaks that you can make with your mindset and your thought patterns and small daily actions do matter! And as long as you keep going and keep showing up you will grow.

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