Have you heard? I went on a date. It was more like a “date.” That wouldn’t normally be big news…unless you are me. I can’t tell you the last time I had an actual date. Plus, the lack of potential suitors around here is unreal. Throw in my adorable depression mixed with a long-term stay at your parent’s house and you have a perfect recipe for a pathetic love life.

I say it was a “date” because it wasn’t how I picture a date in my head – other than the fact that he picked me up at my house. What do people who do date consider a date? Since I don’t date (and probably watch too much Millionaire Matchmaker) I really wasn’t sure what to think of it all. Most of the time I couldn’t even tell if it was a date, until I got confirmation at the end when he called it a date. Phew, problem solved. But there really wasn’t any flirting from his end. No compliments or touchiness. He even seemed to be in kind of a rush to leave and get home. Definitely a little strange. Maybe this is what dating is like nowadays? Maybe he decided he doesn’t like me. My BFF said that maybe he is actually just a gentleman. Hmm…I never even thought of that. That kind of makes me sad.

I know, I know. I’m being a super over-analyzer girl. Mom says it doesn’t have to be so serious. I’ve been single for 28 years. If there is one thing I know, it is how to keep things un-serious.

On a side note: kudos to me and my mother for even having that conversation. I don’t know when it happened but my relationship with my mother has shifted into something really cool that it never was before. I really like it.

Anyways – not serious is much easier to say than to do. After one fake date I’m already confused about my feelings…troubleeee. I don’t know him well but he might be the first person that even makes sense for me to date. Unfortunately, that whole in-between friends and couple scenario is more confusing and high maintenance than a full-blown relationship. Not that I’ve had much experience with those but I’ve had plenty of experience with the former. A real adult relationship can’t possibly be that awful. Plus, someone is always in it more than the other and gets hurt. I am all for the “better to have love and lost” story but I certainly don’t want to be reckless with anyone else’s feelings (or my own for that matter). I already plan to leave and it doesn’t make sense to pursue anything. But I’m not sure that is always a choice. I will always think that a relationship and learning experience it provides are worth it, though. Especially if it has been brought to me as a result of being in a place that I wasn’t really even supposed to be.

I don’t know what he thinks about it all though and I’d really like him to have a say. If you know anything about me…that is so not like me. Looks like Katey is growing up. Awwwwww.