This man is my father and this baby is my nephew, so I don’t know if this picture melts your heart as much as it melts mine.

I hope that it does, because that means that there are people in your life like this. And I hope that everyone has people in their  lives like this. Obviously, babies are cute and we can all see that this one is no exception. But something about this picture just gets me so deeply that I can’t even describe what the feeling is or where it is coming from.. Listening to my father talk about his grandson is even more awe-some than looking at the photo.  I can hear him smiling over the phone when he tells me about their visits, and I can feel how much he absolutely adores the little guy. I can almost see the memories of their hangouts whirling around in his head. This is the first grandchild, so this is a side of my father that I have never seen before. It seems to be a different kind of love between them. My Dad is and always will be my hero, but whatever this is gives me a new respect and appreciation for who he is as a father and as a person. Yeah, a six month old baby can do that…so cool.