Good news…you can STOP worrying about how to stand out in your crowded niche 🙂

Yes, we’re talking about “saturated” markets and crowded niches.

Now I put that in air quotes because I don’t believe that there really is such a thing as a market that’s TOO saturated.

But if you’re a coach or business owner in the beginning stages of your business this is something that you’re probably worried about, especially if you’re here reading this.

So if you feel like your market or your niche is too saturated, and you feel like you’ll never be able to stand out, here’s 3 reasons why a saturated market or a crowded niche ISN’T something you need to waste time worrying about.


First, there are so many freaking people out there that a market will NEVER be too saturated. Yes, some industries and niches are going to be more difficult to stand out in, but if you have a calling for a particular niche or topic or industry, there’s no reason why you can’t be successful there in that crowded niche.

Because even if there’s more coaches or businesses in that space, there’s also a bigger audience available for you to grab. There are seriously so many freaking people out there. Our brains cannot comprehend how many people there are on this planet, and on the internet, looking for information on how to improve their lives, how to have better relationships, how to make more money, how to do anything.

On Youtube alone there are over 32,000 channels that have a million or more subscribers! There are people out there that you’ve never even heard of that have millions of subscribers and followers. So even if a market is really saturated with people already doing the thing that you want to do, there is no shortage at all of people that you could work with and sell your services and products to.

The other thing is that a crowded niche or saturated market is simply undeniable proof that people want this thing.

And especially when you’re thinking about the three main categories that most coaches and online businesses fall into — which are relationships, health, and business or making money — people are always going to be interested in these three things. New and different people are going to become interested in these things constantly.

Even if a person isn’t interested in one of them right now, they will be at some point, and even if they’re not interested in all three, they’re going to be interested in at least one. So someone might not be interested in learning how to run an online business, but they’re interested in how to lose weight or be healthier. Someone might have their health dialed in, but they suck at relationships. So while some spaces are going to be more saturated than others, there’s really no such thing as “too saturated.”

Every Person is Valuable and Needed for DIFFERENT Reasons

The next reason I say you don’t need to worry about a saturated market is that I don’t know about you, but when I want to learn more about a topic I’m never just learning from one person. I don’t stop at the first person I find!

I want to learn from ALL the people. When I was really struggling with relationships and my dating life, I didn’t just follow one person or buy one book. I was following every person I could find that was talking on the topic of dating and relationships. I hired more than one coach and bought several programs from several different people over a period of a few years. Each person was helpful in their own unique way for each specific stage of my journey to go from super single, to meeting the love of my life, and creating the beautiful relationship with him that we now have.

Just like in our personal relationships, there isn’t one person that can meet all of our needs, we have romantic partners, we have friends, and family, and acquaintances and each person fills in the gaps that another person may not be able to.

So you might have a background or story, or even just a look that causes someone to resonate with YOU more than someone else. You might say something in a certain way that lands for someone, even if they’ve heard it before from someone else. So even in a super crowded niche, there’s still room for everyone. Every single person is extremely valuable because they have different experiences that will resonate with different people at different times for different reasons.

1,000 True Fans

The next reason why you don’t need to be worrying about a saturated market is this concept of 1000 true fans. Now this was an idea first posted in a 2008 blog post by a man name Kevin Kelly. And the concept is that ff you could get 1000 True Fans to support you by buying $100 worth of what you create every year, you would earn an income of $100,000 a year.

In today’s world, we can get so preoccupied with the vanity metrics, and thinking that we need a million followers or subscribers to be successful, but it’s really not true at all. You can be extremely successful with a small audience, and this is really good news when we’re talking about a crowded niche or a saturated market because like I mentioned in reason #1, there are so many people out there!

So if you think about the millions and millions of people out there who are looking for guidance on relationships, for example, you don’t have to be everything to all of those people. You don’t have to reach everyone. You just have to connect with an extremely small percentage of those people who want to learn from YOU and resonate with YOU. As long as you keep showing up then you will start to attract those people.

Even if Your Niche Could Ever Get “TOO” Saturated…

And I just have to say that even if the market could ever get “TOO” saturated, which again i dont think is possible, but that should put a huge fire under your ass to double down on your coaching or your online business or your courses so that you can start building your audience and your business now, because with very few exceptions, the market will never be LESS saturated than it is RIGHT NOW, so your best bet is to start now and just keep going.

You have to believe that you have something to contribute that doesn’t exist in the market yet, no matter how saturated it may be.

So I hope this helps and calms some of your worries about a crowded market place, and now you can hop on over to this video where I share how to stand out in a saturated market. Make sure to like and subscribe to the channel if this video was helpful to you and if that feels right to you, it would really help me out, and make sure to check out How to Stand Out in a Crowded Niche next!.