Bye-bye, 2015.

I don’t even know why I come to the coffee shop to write. I always end up with tears in my eyes and then I’m that girl that’s crying at the coffee shop. I guess if I really cared about being the girl who cries at the coffee shop I’d relocate. Instead I like it a little bit when people catch me crying. I wipe my cheek and half-smile to let them know I’m OK. I hope they also know it means they can cry at the coffee shop if they want to, too.

It’s the second to last day of the year and I am feeling it for sure. Reading all my old new year’s posts here, here and here before I write the next one is always the best. This time is no different. This year sure got off to a rocky start. Now we’re a day away from 2016 and my life is almost unrecognizable. So what changed my life this year?

Moving back into my own place. Taking email off my cell phone. Buying another FitBit. Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. My job. My boss. This Ted talk. Growing my own flowers and my own food. Getting my 11 year old neighbor to like me. Painting more. Reading more. Finally letting go of the boy who broke me. Tinder, of all places, reminding me that there are guys out there. Practicing gratitude every single day. Making two super big and scary  investments in myself before knowing how I would pay for them (I was worth it.) Saying no when I wanted to without apologizing for it. Taking a much needed break without apologizing for it. Being honest about my feelings without apologizing for it.

And a silly little electric wood stove.

As for 2016, nothing will really change. I want to learn how to stop taking myself so seriously. I want to learn to fall in love without losing myself. I want to connect more with the people I love. Travel more. Read more. Write more. Dance more. Eat delicious healthy food more. Drink good wine more. Create more stuff. Trust the Universe more. Become myself more. Love myself more. Live in the moment more, always remembering that the best is yet to come.

And yes, this year was once again better than the last. And yes, all I still want is more and more of this beautiful life.